Welcome to Pocket Silicon

Brian in News | 0 Comments November 17, 2009

Ok, I've finally done it. I've split off personal from professional. Pocket Silicon is a blog about stuff you put in your pocket, stuff you code, and meta stuff related to that stuff. You can subscribe to Pocket Silicon without fear that all the posts will be about my three year old, while folks who still subscribe to Urban Potato won't be confused with all the technobabble and TLAs.

Pocket Silicon is run on the excellent BlogEngine.NET, originally written by Mads Kristensen and now maintained a horde of talented developers. It's flexible and simple enough that I could easily make it do what I want. And, it's possible to run the site on XML files instead of a database. It performs worse, and maybe someday I'll want to move, but for now I love the freedom of just passing text files around instead of dealing with SQL. BlogEngine.NET is about what my former blog engine -- LiveCast, written by yours truly -- wasn't: simple. I intend to try to keep things that way.

I worked for a bit on the theme of this site, but I'm not super jazzed about it. It's not personally "me" and it's too colorful for my taste. I will be updating it with a custom theme I plan to design, but for now it works great and allows me to get the site up quickly. The site also supports mobile phones and the iPhone, but the iPhone support is pretty budget right now. That's also something I hope to improve on.

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