Convergence? When?

Brian in Gadgets | 1 Comments May 12, 2003

I love my PocketPC. I wish it had a cell phone in it so I could have a single device. Why not buy a PPC Phone Addition? I just don't think this device is ready yet. The current hardware for PPC Phone Edition is two years behind the current curve: only 32MB of Ram, a reflective screen, no Bluetooth, no WiFi. I won't buy another PPC until it has the following specs:

  • 64MB Ram
  • Transflective screen
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPRS
  • GSM World

Why these specs? The first two just cover what "current" PPC units have. I want Bluetooth for a headset so I don't have to have some nappy proprietary headphone / headset jack. I want a simple normal headphone jack, and support for Bluetooth headsets. Why WiFi when the device has GPRS? Because, silly, I shouldn't have to pay for GPRS bandwidth when I'm at work, at home, or hell, at Starbucks.

Danger is releasing a new color version of its Hiptop, which looks deliciously cool. Unfortunately, it won't run Vindigo and you can't read ebooks on it, which are two things I use my PocketPC for today. Hopefully PPC 3.0 will satisfy my wishlist.

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Lee, Sunday, October 12, 2003 at 1:54 PM

Whats the deal with one of the PPC working within Europe?
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