Software for the Masses

Brian in Coding | 5 Comments July 10, 2003

I work on the .NET framework, writing the Windows Forms and component model APIs. One of the hardest parts of this job is trying to nail our target audience. Or audiences, as the case may be. We try to write an API for VB users, C# users and MC++ users. While there is some overlap, these are vastly different types of users. Some folks have never cracked a data structures book, while others eat assembly code for breakfast. Don't go assuming you know which one is which: I know plenty of "VB" developers who are right at home doing completely insane things in VB that many hardcore C++ developers wouldn't know how to tackle.


Engineering, not Art

Brian in Opinion | 0 Comments May 15, 2003

From this article on msn about T-Mobile dropping Microsoft's smart phone:

"T-Mobile announced in February it planned to introduce the Microsoft phone this summer in a move analysts saw as a blow to mobile handset industry leader Nokia .

But industry sources said the phone software of the world's largest software maker still had "fundamental problems" leading to high failure rates.

Microsoft was not immediately available to comment."


Convergence? When?

Brian in Gadgets | 1 Comments May 12, 2003

I love my PocketPC. I wish it had a cell phone in it so I could have a single device. Why not buy a PPC Phone Addition? I just don't think this device is ready yet. The current hardware for PPC Phone Edition is two years behind the current curve: only 32MB of Ram, a reflective screen, no Bluetooth, no WiFi. I won't buy another PPC until it has the following specs:

  • 64MB Ram
  • Transflective screen
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPRS
  • GSM World

Why these specs? The first two just cover what "current" PPC units have. I want Bluetooth for a headset so I don't have to have some nappy proprietary headphone / headset jack. I want a simple normal headphone jack, and support for Bluetooth headsets. Why WiFi when the device has GPRS? Because, silly, I shouldn't have to pay for GPRS bandwidth when I'm at work, at home, or hell, at Starbucks.